Puto Bumbong Recipe

Puto bumbong is a sort of Filipino purple rice cake which is ready by steaming ground purple rice combination inside a bamboo tube. The cylinder is alluded to as “bumbong ng kawayan” in Filipino. This could have been the justification for why this was named thusly.

Puto Bumbong

Puto bumbong has been related with the Christmas season since it is generally sold external the congregation during the customary simbang gabi. The puto bumbong seller can be noticed steaming a powdered invention inside a bamboo tube utilizing an odd formed liner. The steamed rice cake is then put on a piece of pre-cut banana leaf and afterward finished off with margarine (or spread), newly ground coconut, and muscovado sugar.

This puto bumbong recipe is all that we can think of while attempting to catch old fashioned conventional puto bumbong once upon a time, when the sellers were not yet utilizing purple sweet potato (ube) as an elective fixing.

Puto Bumbong Recipe Panlasang Pinoy

The shade of conventional puto bumbong ought to come from the rice. Food shading isn’t required. The rice ought to likewise give it an unpretentious decent taste, which will later be upgraded by the garnishes. This is the justification for why a liberal measure of spread or margarine is important, and the freshest ground coconut is suggested. Muscovado sugar, which is a kind of somewhat refined sugar, assists a ton with making your puto bumbong taste great and valid.

Pirurutung or tacky purple rice is the primary element of this treat. Customarily, the rice is absorbed water alongside other rice assortments and afterward ground in a processor made of strong stone. This recipe utilizes this kind of rice alongside malagkit (glutinous rice), and long grain purple rice. Rather than a crushing stone, I utilized a food processor to crush the doused rice. My significant other Dey and myself played with various varieties of the recipe, and this is awesome to the extent that our testing goes. This is the way we recall how the puto bumbong looked and suggested a flavor like when we were still children.

Puto Bumbong Recipe

Prior to attempting to make your puto bumbong, ensure that you have the important gear, for example, the liner and the bamboo tubes. Note that this is best eaten hot, delay don’t as well. Partake in your puto bumbong. Happy holidays!

While I had a pleasant pre-Christmas treat through this puto bumbong, I believe that I should preapare leche puto for Christmas supper to finish my Filipino Noche Buena.

Attempt this Puto Bumbong Recipe. Tell me your thought process.

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